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Goal Setting – Weekly Planning – Part 1

This one tip for weekly planning is key

It’s Monday! That means you woke up today determined to knock this week out of the park. You also are ready to execute your plan, daily method of operation, and your entire set of goals for the week. Which means you did a weekly planning session.

But are you forgetting to do one simple thing in order to set your weekly planning apart from everyone else?

Make sure you do this one tip

What sets successful people apart fro most others is (among many things) their ability to write stuff down. Your weekly tasks and goals are no different.

Too often people will be under the impression that they will remember what to do. The fact that they have it in their head means they are in no danger of forgetting it.

But what they forget is that it is easy to forget what you have to do.

Writing it down is key. When you write it down, you don’t have to remember it. It will be staring at you the entire week!

My own personal weekly planning strategy

On Monday morning, I take a piece of paper and split it into four sections. I label them “Personal, Work, Business, and Academic”. I place all my family and exercise goals as well as other tasks I need to complete this week (outside of routine things like grocery shopping, etc.). And then I fill things in as appropriate.

The list is constantly changing throughout the week as well, but having that list on paper is incredible for me.

It gives me a place to go if I ever forget what I need to do. I can easily just look at this list and say “Did I accomplish x yet?” instead of having to remember some mental note.

Take action

Try your own weekly plan. Even if today isn’t Monday, try and write out a list of your major tasks and goals for the week.

Tomorrow we will discuss daily indicators of your own progress as well as what kinds of things you need to be writing down!

Here’s my live video from earlier today discussing my weekly planning.

Comment with what types of planning you do currently or have tried in the past!

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