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90 days of P90X3 video series on Youtube

P90X3 Daily video log on STEMFitness

I have been logging my progress through P90X3 on Youtube as well as in my challenge groups.

Each day after my workout (well, most of the time at least!), I am recording a short 1 or 2 minute video log and posting it on Youtube.

I started this series as a personal project. By the time I end the first round of this program, I will have an entire log of videos for anyone to look at. I want others to see anticipated challenges you could experience while doing this program.

So far, this program is amazing. Despite my increased fitness level before starting the program, I am still detecting and feeling changes to my body while doing this program. It’s also very flexible and the variety is incredible.

P90X3 is available in the Beachbody On-Demand All Access Challenge Pack. You can start this program with this pack. You have access to over $7,000 worth of fitness programs for one surprisingly affordable annual fee! And the addition of Shakeology will make your results even more incredible.

You can enjoy my video series by accessing the playlist below.

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