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Shakeology Cost Analysis


I know there’s a lot of content on the web already about Shakeology. You know that there are many people who drink Shakeology on a daily basis. It’s one of the best things you can spend money on for your health, fitness, and well-being.

But are you paying too much?

Let me first say that I understand Shakeology’s cost is the number one deterrent to people saying they can’t drink it. It is definitely an investment no doubt, and there are ways to reduce the cost – even down to $0 if you work hard enough.

Let’s take a look at a few typical scenarios where you would be buying Shakeology, and how much you are spending on it each time.

Case 1: A customer who orders it one time

Cost: $129.95 + $14.95 (shipping) + tax (if applicable) = $144.90

Cost per serving (assuming you buy a bag with 30 servings): $4.83

Of all the options, this one is the worst because you get a 30 day money back guarantee anyway. You can certainly sign up for Home Direct (see next three cases) and then cancel or defer shipment easily. You are paying almost $5 per serving in this case. I love Shakeology and its amazing benefits, but I also want you as a customer to save money on this product.

Case 2: A customer who orders on home direct (automatically shipped every month)

Cost: $129.95 + $2 (shipping) = $131.95

Cost per serving: $4.40

Bringing the shipping cost down to $2 is already saving you $13 per month, or 43 cents per serving. If you just want the Shakeology, this is a cost-effective option, but you can do better.

Case 3: A customer who subscribes to Beachbody On Demand

Cost: $116.95 + $2 (shipping) = $118.95

Cost per serving: $3.97

By having the On-demand service, you get a 10% discount on any item in the Beachbody Store. This is still a good price for Shakeology, and almost $1 less per serving than paying full price for a one-time order. However, if you are a customer who orders Shakeology every month, you can still save more money.

Case 4: A Team Beachbody Coach who is a “discount” coach.

Cost: $97.46 + $2 (shipping) = $99.46 + $15.95 (coach service fee) = $115.41

Cost per serving: $3.85

At a per serving cost still under $4, you’re still saving money even if you order nothing else or don’t “work the business”. Your sponsor coach will be just fine if you want to go this route.

Case 5: A Team Beachbody Discount Coach who has 3 friends who want to be Shakeology customers.

What will inevitably happen if you are drinking Shakeology is you will have friends who ask about it. Instead of referring them to your coach, have them buy through you! You will make a commission for each friend you refer anytime they make an order, and there’s money and rank involved if they decide to be a discount or business coach as well. The more friends you refer, the less you pay for Shakeology.

There you have it. I hope this article is helpful for you.

As always, I am always looking for people to help get fit and get healthy. With  me as your coach you will get an energetic, goal-driven, and positive person to guide you on your fitness journey. Sign up to have me as your coach – FREE!


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